Food Travels (ruokamatkalla in Finnish) is a storyboard and a PR agency about culinary tourism along creative industries spicing up destinations in terms of taste and unique food experiences in the Nordic countries. Food here means a lot more than eating.

Milla Visuri, is a Finnish-Swedish communications specialist working with food and experiences of a place. Milla has over 10 years experience in tourism, destination marketing and communication from the Nordic region.
Milla has also been active in New Nordic Food programs for culinary tourism and food & creative industries (2012-2014). She also writes about culinary experiences for NORD – Nordiska Matmagasinet, a food magazine based in Oslo, Norway as well as for IMAGE – the magazine of the year 2014 in Helsinki, Finland.

From December 2013 until January 2015 Milla worked as a communications manager at the ELO Foundation, for the Promotion of Finnish Food Culture in Helsinki, Finland. Since January 2015 Milla works as a press officer for the food culture strategy of the city of Helsinki.

Food Travels also cooks curated culinary tours and offers networking and connections for the gastronomic Helsinki and Finland. Other food related program can be organised through a large network of other food industry members and cooperators throughout the Nordic countries. Just order according to appetite and you will be served!

Tasty readings – and travels!

// Contact information
E-mail: millatravels@gmail.com
Mobile: +358 40 124 5161
Skype: millatravels

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