Opening of Teurastamo, or Abattoir, is one of the bravest moves in the Helsinki food scene during the past months. Finally, the Helsinki “meatpacking district” and wholesale market area is open to the public with proud plans for the coming years.

The area used to serve as the city’s abattoir until 1992. Since then major developments have been taken place as the nearby Kalasatama harbour area is growing to a residential and business district for about 15 000 people adding some hungry customers.

Teurastamo area opened in September 2012 as part of the World Design Capital Helsinki project bringing food and design into one. Antto Melasniemi, a visionary, restaurateur, food artist and maybe even the most known chef in Helsinki, keeps his team alert and brings a lot of new ideas into practise at his newest restaurant called Kellohalli.

Antto was one of the first entrepreneurs brave enough to locate in the area after having started a couple of other restaurants (Kuurna, Ateljé Finne) in more central locations in Helsinki. Since September Kellohalli has hosted tens of international events from Open Kitchen, Farmers Markets, MadCook, Foodstock and blogger evenings to New Nordic Food lectures and seminars serving a lot of good local food on the side.

Along Antto, others have tried the same. Now there is Pasta Factory making daily fresh pasta delivered to the Helsinki food stores and restaurants and sold in a tiny factory shoplet. Roslund butchers are apparently good with meat (you should definitely try their burgers at Rosburger in Hietaniemi Market Hall). A21, voted for the best cocktail bar in Finland, is relocating their Flavour Studio to Teurastamo organizing product launches, courses and tastings.

During the summer Teurastamo turns into a scene of food and music, markets, theme weekends, fleamarkets and even a small sandy beach found its lot between the buildings. Urban gardeners brought their bags with soil in the inner yard to green it up and let it grow. Little by little the area is
developing into a trendy and fresh food destination within Helsinki.

In the autumn harvest is in the core of the Kellohalli menu with season’s taste of wild, homey and innovative, mixing often Finnish with other influences. Sandy beach is turning into a skating rink and commune barbeque ovens are there all year round for anyone to use for free.

/ Teurastamo

/ Kellohalli
Työpajankatu 2, building 2E
Tue: 11am-3pm
Wed-Fri: 11am-midnight
Sat: 11am-midnight

/ Antto Melasniemi

/ Pasta Factory
Työpajankatu 2, building 1D
Thu-Fri: 12noon-5pm, Sat: 12noon-4pm

/ Roslund

/ A21


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