A new community is born. For the love of food contributing to the food scene and development of Helsinki. Many interesting actors, opinions and views on how to make Helsinki a better food city and destination.

Helsinki has undergone a rapid change what comes to the city’s food culture. The Nordic food revolution has hit all the way to the Northern coast of the Baltic Sea. Food is about everywhere you look – in the streets and parks, in shops, galleries, museums, at the very homes or in cafés, bars and restaurants who have long ago turned into open living rooms and kitchens – for the visitors and locals alike. New food related events and concepts are making and shaking the Helsinki food culture of the future – and everyone is invited to join.

We still bake our rye bread, flat bread and Carelian pie with love and eat healthy food from the back of our forests, lakes and islands. All of this wild food sounds now more exciting than ever. Chefs are mixing the wildest ingredients in the most extravaganza kitchens and even us locals have started to get curious in more than supermarket meat desk offering the usual suspects, such as inner-fillet, fresh salmon or chicken in marinade. We line up in the market halls and want to try new tastes we didn’t even know were there. What else is new is the creative, relaxed, happy and liberated vibe that is spreading all over Helsinki.

Food has become so much fun and no longer do you have to wonder the fine line between everyday eating and fine dining – now you can do both. It’s literally cooking – and food in Helsinki means a lot more than eating. Dinners are served up in the air, at homes, under the sky, in the parks, backyards or under reconstruction harbour areas – anywhere where there is room for food.

The team behind Helsinki Foodism believes that the value of a city can be measured with food. Helsinki city recently updated its food strategy giving it a lot of local thought. Helsinki Foodism was founded in December 2012 to be an online open platform inviting the city officials, food professionals and locals to talk and plan ahead together. Foodism acts local but has recently been invited to food symposiums and festivals in Istanbul and Moscow to share the experiences. The more you give the more you get seems to be the philosophy. In September 2013 Foodism team will be in San Francisco Street Food conference aiming for a Nordic version spring 2014 at the Gastro Helsinki Food Fair.

Helsinki is buzzing with international foodies as new restaurants, bars and cafés keep opening while we eat. The worldwide Slow Food movement has established itself in Helsinki as movement founder Carlo Petrini paid a visit in March 2012 to discuss good, clean and fair food. Restaurant Day – a food carnival when anyone can open a restaurant for a day – originated from Helsinki in 2011 is now happening four times a year in 45 countries around the world. And last but not least Helsinki has definitely earned its five Michelin Stars though even Hans Välimäki, the two-star man, is now flipping burgers at Midhill.

The Nordic food revolution is taking Helsinki by storm. Restaurants are enjoying a golden age serving traditionally Finnish, Scandinavian and Russian flavours now popularly mixed with French. The local food, slow food, wild food, organic food, ethnic food, classic food or even molecular food is here
to stay. Join the food fun and explore some of the best Helsinki has to offer as it must neither be exquisite nor expensive.


Photo: Arancini, Helsinki
Restaurant Day 19082012
Photo: Lassi Häkkinen

Timo Yrjövuori and Noora Uusitalo (right) enjoyed their food under a tree to have a shelter from the rain.


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